Granny’s Egg Noodles Domesticiety


We had a special dinner tonight.  Scott made Granny’s Egg Noodles and Creamed Chicken for dinner.  We enjoy this delicacy at home but it is especially meaningful here is Germany as his Grandmother was of German descent and there may even be relatives nearby!   We have limited, yet adequate cooking equipment and a bit of a language barrier, what is flour called?


Ashley helped him shop at the grocery store (she found the flour) and make the noodles.  We have discovered a new type of rolling pin (water bottle) and seasoning which tastes like our French fry salt (Gewürzsalz) and is good on noodles.


It was a delicious dinner with absolutely nothing left over!



  1. melanie statom Says: August 12, 2015 at 4:22 am


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