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The following was written by Scott, my husband, in response to an Adventuriety follower’s comment.  Scott is chief cook and bottle washer on our year of adventure and my heart smiled yesterday when he told me Ashley had requested privately that he continue cooking until she leaves for college.




Granny’s Egg Noodles.

This recipe was prepared in the family long before my paternal grandmother, but in our house, the noodles were always Granny’s  noodles.

There are two parts.  Noodles and Creamed Chicken.

Begin by boiling chicken in a large pot.   You can use a whole chicken, cut-up chicken, chicken breast or some other form of the bird.   You must consider how much work you want to do (breasts are easiest) versus how rich you like your broth (whole chicken).

As the chicken boils to tenderness you may begin to create the noodles.  The following serves a family of 4.

1) Wisk 3 eggs, 3 pinches of salt with and 3 tablespoons of milk.
2) Slowly stir in flour with a wooden spoon striving to minimize inconsistencies like lumps.  You will add flour until you can begin to manipulate the dough with your hands.  If the dough sticks easily to your hands then you need to add more flour.   Keep adding flour until you can kneed the dough and it becomes firm enough to be slightly difficult to roll out.
3) Roll out the dough to the thickness of a nickle adding flour to prevent it from sticking to the counter.
4) Now add another layer of flour and roll the dough into a cigar shape.  Make pencil width cuts across the length of the dough and unravel the noodles.

1) In a medium saucepan add 1-2 tablespoons of butter and melt.
2) Slowly stir in flour to avoid lumps.  Add enough until your mixture is a paste.
3) (Optional) Slowly add a small amount of skimmed chicken richness from the top of your cooking chicken to add flavor.
4) Begin to add milk and continually stir so the sauce stays smooth and lump free.
5) Once the sauce is a nice, creamy consistency, add a little more milk to water it down a bit.

1) Remove the chicken from the pot and place it in a large bowl.
2) Add the noodles to the almost boiling broth in the pot and let them cook for no more than 10 minutes.   You may have to add some water.
3) Pull the chicken apart into bite sized pieces and add to the creamy sauce.

This meal is fantastic but you will at least want to add salt and pepper at the table.


INFO:  Granny’s Pecan Pie was always a necessary desert to accompany this meal.

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