Casa de Aida Recuperiety


This is Aida and the heart of Casa de Aida, a B&B in Calca, a little town in the Sacred Valley.  The highlight of one of our very busy days in Peru was the company of Aida and her husband Kinkulla and the calm oasis of their home.  Casa de Aida is a B&B with rave reviews but you can also arrange to have lunch and a tour of the gardens.  We had such a good time and felt so welcomed that I wanted to dedicate a separate blog to Aida and her husband Kinkulla.


We arrived as Aida was putting the finishing touches on the first course, potatoes in a delicious sauce with boiled eggs and olives.


Aida and Kinkulla’s daughter, Tanya, helps with the magic and is just as sweet as her parents.


Kinkulla is an artist and like his wife, so very kind, warm and welcoming.  He chatted with us and took photos while we ate lunch.


After lunch we took a leisurely stroll through their bountiful garden where all of the fresh ingredients in Aida’s cooking are grown.


Kinkulla and Ashley chatted away happily in Spanish.


Kinkulla named berries and encouraged Ashley to taste the unfamiliar fruits.


This woodpile reminded me of the charming and abundant stockpiles found in Bavaria.


Grant had a great time with the camera and thought this flowering plant looked a lot like an exoctic bird.


The garden was truly an oasis…


…with a view of the mountains, the stucco walls and trees, you couldn’t tell that you were in the middle of a village.


This photo was taken in one of the courtyards.

IMG_8665 On the roof directly above us in the previous photo stands this statue called Torito de Pucara . You see these on houses all over the Sacred Valley and they are meant as a blessing on the house to bring good luck. IMG_8750

We spent over two hours with this delightful family and really did not want to leave.  I would have loved to stay at the B&B so if you’re ever touring the Sacred Valley, you might consider a couple of nights with these lovely people to enjoy an authentic experience in a central village far from the maddening crowds and crazy drivers of Cusco.


Prolongación Ucayali Sur 1021 Calca-Cusco, Perú

Tel:  51 84 202003

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