About us

Who we are

One husband, one teenager, one preteen and a forty one year old homemaker in search of adventure and variety.  We have a great family.  We like each other most of the time and do healthy family stuff together like watching Star Trek and playing family tennis, hiking, we even eat dinner together occasionally.

Our mission

Spring 2015 my husband and I took a long hike and decided that we needed a change.  We decided to take our kids out of school for the coming school year and ourselves out of our comfort zones.  For a year we will home school our kids while we seek new adventures.  Part  of the adventure will be living in each other’s bubbles and slowing down to enjoy being us and our journey.



My husband Scott is super smart. That annoying smart that likes reading science journals and solving calculus equations, or even better, making up the equations to make beautiful art that he just throws into a local show, last minute and of course sells. He can build things and he’s athletic. He taught himself to play the guitar and bass in his thirties and joined a band that plays gigs for money. He sings most of the songs for the band too. He can even clean the house much better than I can because he excels at accomplishing things he puts his mind to. You want a well dug on your property and new irrigation system designed along with a carport? No problem. He can design, engineer and move all of the dirt by wheelbarrow. When we bought our house he decided that for every project he worked on he would gift himself a new tool. He now has vast remodeling knowledge, a garage full of tools and a remodeled home complete with patios, pergolas, pathways, pizza oven, outdoor kitchen, and the list goes on.

He teaches himself anything and everything and then he is good at it (except for plumbing and maintaining his idea of a healthy weight and that makes me love him a little more). I‘ve gotten used to this. I met him in college. He was my math tutor. That was one of his jobs while he was playing basketball for the college and getting a math and computer science degree. He was a computer programmer and then became a computer solutions consultant. Yes, his own consulting company for years and then he decided to revisit his youthful dream of becoming a teacher. Teachers don’t get jobs easily but he was recruited and hired before he finished his credential two years ago to teach AP Calculus and this year it’s AP Calculus and AP Computer Science. I know I go on and this will probably need to be edited, but it’s important. And the last, most annoying thing of all is that he has this faith in the world that things are safe, everything will work out, people are nice, planes are relaxing, camping is fun and the kids should most definitely not be allowed electronics and should look out of the window for hours.



Grant is my first born. I did not want children, kids were my husband’s idea, but Grant changed my mind (and very early on so no need to worry). He is 14, almost 15 and so sweet and funny. We always laughed because as a toddler the most confusing thing you could do to him was to hand him a jacket and tell him to put it on. He could do it but it took considerable efforts and contortions that were worthy of a Yogi. The best thing is, he still can’t put on a jacket, it is still amusing to watch him try to put on a jacket, but he has so many other mad, crazy skills. He is kind, loving, funny and so sweet to his mother even in his teenager-dom. He is my tennis partner in family tennis and bless his heart, I really try, but my tennis game is just lacking. He does get a lot of practice being a graceful loser to his sister/father team but he still hugs me and high fives me and tells me, “nice try”. He is passionate about all things film and TV. I can’t believe how much he knows about that stuff. He is a motivated learner and teaches himself all kinds of things by reading and watching videos. He also makes these great videos with anyone who happens to wander in to play (or hangout now that he is a teenager) at our house. He is a serious student but makes time to try new things like acting in a play and being on the high school tennis team. The kid can play the piano and draw but really loves video editing and talking about camera and film stuff. I love that he will go right up to a stranger and just start chatting about their camera or any other topic that is related to movies/tv/film. He just finished his freshman year and talked a lot about wanting to meet his friends for this and that. We (my husband mostly) made him invite them to our house first because ironically, the few things that I don’t worry about, my husband is completely paranoid about. Turns out he has really nice friends too. He is a good kid. I like him and enjoy his company and feel incredibly blessed to be in his life.



Ashley is 11 going on 21 (at least). She is the kid I wanted to be, heck I still want to be. She is fearless, stubborn, clever and funny as hell. She inherited her father’s quick twitch muscles and athletic abilities and the girl can sing and remember all of the lyrics. She has always known exactly what she wants and she has her own way of doing things. She is kind, thoughtful and loving and loves nature and the elements. She is happiest with the wind in her hair, waves crashing around her, or high up on a rock wall. She spent most of her first seven years in the old Live Oak tree in our backyard and the first few years she was better at climbing than walking. She knows all of the trees in our backyard and which are best to hide in during a game of vampire tag. You can still find her outside reading in the garden or traipsing around the yard with the chickens or cat and along with tangles, there are always a few sticks or leaves to brush out of her hair. I can imagine her becoming the coolest forest ranger around. Her hobbies include tennis, basketball, swimming and rock climbing. She is a dedicated student like her brother with a special interest in math and when not running, jumping or climbing she will be engrossed in one of the Land of Stories books or cuddling the cat. She loves her home and her family fiercely and this year of travel and adventure has been challenging for her to wrap her head around. She really was looking forward to getting through the trials of middle school with her friends. Her middle name is Rae, like a ray of sunshine and she is truly a joyous and sparkling human. When she is happy all is right in the world, at least in my world.