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Noosa Heads… Australia! Adventuriety

Scott and I spent almost three months in Australia on our honeymoon over seventeen years ago.  We had just graduated from college, we were madly in love and had both thrown caution to the wind, surprised a few folks, and tied the knot.  It’s a great story and some of you know it, as do our kids, so it’s not too shocking. Here we are, finally...

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Walking off Pigs’ Ears in Peñalara National Park Adventuriety

We spent the night in Segovia and drove back towards Madrid the next day to see El Clasico (more on that in the next blog).  Since Segovia is only a short distance from Madrid, Scott had planned a route on the back roads that would allow for a long hike along the trails of Peñalara National Park.  We left Segovia without breakfast (or coffee), stopping at a tiny logging...

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Arusha National Park…Welcome to Tanzania Adventuriety

We saw a beautiful rainbow on the drive to Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam.  It gave me courage and I almost felt excited about the next ten days.  We would fly directly to Kilimanjaro International Airport, a nine hour flight.  The flight was smooth, even for my paranoid flyer standards and I got excited when I realized that the huge river below us was the...

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