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Pagoeta Adventuriety

The day after the marathon in San Sebastian left us carless and forced me to navigate my half planned hike from our apartment to Pasaia, we set off on Scott’s originally determined and mostly well researched hike in Parque National Pagoeta on routes 4001 and 4002.   We drove to Aia, a small village situated on the slopes of Mount Pagoeta in the Basque province of...

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Lichtenstein for Lunch Adventuriety

Today was a good day.  It started in Germany with a chocolate croissant, and ended toasting with some very nice people at a sailing club in Switzerland while the kids swam in the rain. Have I mentioned that we are not really planners?  We woke up early this morning, Sunday morning, and our first full day off since we started home school.  By the time...

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