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Cusco and The Sacred Valley Adventuriety

Our time in Peru was a whirlwind twelve days, packed with activities and adventures and I just couldn’t fit some of my favorite pictures into the other blogs so this blog is a hodgepodge of favorite memories and random thoughts.  We all loved Cusco and every part of the the Sacred Valley that we were able to experience.  Peru has now become our favorite country...

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My Brain is Going to Explode! Adventuriety / Inspirietry

Our second day in the Cusco area started early with a 7:30 am pickup for a full day of both  archaeological sights as well as cultural stops and everything in between which is going to make for a long blog.  Luis was our guide again and he was bound and determined to make up for our late start the day before.  He told us, “I...

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Wineless flights, Andean people, Ancient ruins, Duality…Find it all in Peru Adventuriety

We stepped onto our fifth continent (counting North America) since beginning our journey in July late the night before, after two long days of travel;  drive to Los Angeles the night before for an early morning flight, Los Angeles to Atlanta, a three hour layover and then a six hour flight to Lima, Peru. We spent the night at a hotel across the street from...

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