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At Home in Toledo, Spain Domesticiety / Recuperiety

We met a beautiful, young couple  in Tanzania.  She was from Spain, he was from South Africa, they were living and working in Oman, and on safari for their honeymoon.   Scott and I were watching the sunset over a coffee plantation, talking about possibly visiting Spain on our next trip, when like a sign we heard the newlyweds discussing their wedding and how their parents were...

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A Lesson in Augsburg, Germany Adventuriety

I’m not sure what day this happened anymore but Ashley and I were looking at the week ahead for her English lesson.  Scott is really into being prepared and looking ahead for the kids’ lessons (sigh) and I am trying very hard to be a team player.  I am a procrastinator through and through and had a successful college career being a procrastinator so looking...

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Lake Bled, Slovenia…Have you heard of it? Adventuriety

We are having a great time on our adventure.  Yes, there has been some stress and learning and even some tears but so far, this adventure is what we had been hoping for.  We wanted to experience more of the world and more of each other and we wanted to be able to plan a little and then be in the moment and see what...

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