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The Scandinavian Saga Ends in Stockholm Recuperiety

So how did it all end?  Well, we flew from Tromso to Stockholm for four nights.  When I had planned this trip it was Copenhagen and Stockholm on either end of the “Great Arctic Adventure” to recuperate, first from our busy home lives and then from our busy adventure lives.  So far, you know how it’s going and I believe there was a collective sigh...

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Norway, Northern Lights and Happy New Year! Adventuriety / Inspirietry

It’s funny the things that stick in your mind.  Maybe because I am both obsessed with and terrified by traveling that I pay attention to certain details.  I have a whole photo album in my head of travel related snapshots and not what you might think.  All of these “mental pics” are moments that seem completely unrealistic to me, like they could never come true, whether they...

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Arctic Adventure…Into the Polar Night! Adventuriety / Inspirietry

Our Arctic adventure was about to begin and as the saying goes, “nothing good ever comes easy.”  People often comment that our family travels are so cool and adventurous and they are, don’t get me wrong, but there are many parts to our experiences and believe me, not all of them are as wonderful and smooth as one might envision, even me.  Yes, we like adventure but what three...

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