Goodbye Oberammergau Adventuriety

We are leaving Oberammergau this morning and we are sad to say goodbye.  It has been a magical three weeks and we couldn’t imagine a better place to have begun our journey this year.   Looking back through the pictures, I can’t believe that we have done so much in such a short time.  We have hiked, alpine coastered,  swam and played cards.  We have met some very nice people. In fact Grant told us  that the best part of traveling was meeting the really cool people.  We have expanded our minds, at least a little bit.  Scott learned that German shopping carts take (and also give back) Euros and he learned to grocery shop in German, in Oberammergau anyway. We discovered that the German Bier really is good (especially after a long hike), but so is the bread and the Pommes and the pastries.  Ashley befriended many of the shopkeepers and most of the cats in Oberammergau.  We learned that it is nice to have less stuff and that living in 700 square feet is not that difficult, even with one bathroom.  The kids started school, I started blogging and Scott started grocery shopping and cooking.  Best of all, we have talked and laughed and played and experienced something new together.

We enjoyed our little apartment right in the middle of everything.  We stayed at Hotel Ferienhaus Fux  ( and the owner Michael Fux and his staff were great.  We got most of our hiking suggestions from Michael and Bridgette.  They even let us borrow a hiking map for our stay.


This  picture was taken on our little balcony the day we arrived in Oberammergau.


This is the view looking left off of our porch.  The church bells ring every fifteen minutes.  The highest peak in this picture is Kofel which was a favorite hike of ours.



This is the view looking to the right off of our porch.   Cafe Bar Central is a great place for an after hike drink and the owner is so nice. › Places › Oberammergau › Sports Bar  Schnitzlergasse 10, 82487 Oberammergau


This is Marie, originally from, Texas but living in Germany for four years now with her husband.  The kids discovered Kabos and Marie in their wanderings and introduced us to the delicious burgers and fries and curry wurst. Marie grew up traveling the world with her missionary parents and continued traveling as an adult.  She met her husband in Yugoslavia on her travels.  She talked to the kids about how much you can learn seeing new places and meeting new people.  Kabos is the first “fast food” shop in Oberammergau and it reminded us of In and Out Burger at home.


That is pure deliciousness my friends!  The Germans have all kinds of inventive sauces and dips for their Pommes.


This is Ashley’s favorite ice cream shop.  The owners are a sweet couple counting down their days to retirement (ten days), he is Italian.  Ashley visited with them every time she got a chance and drew a picture of an Italian flag for them as a retirement gift.  They gave her a pretty fan.



We did a lot of hiking.


We hiked everything on this sign and much more.


We saw a beautiful rainbow.


We played at the Alpine park.



The kids started school and I started writing about our adventures.


Scott started cooking.


Goodbye Oberammergau!  We will miss you.



  1. When I was in Ober. In 2010, my UMC Westlake Village pastor Gary Dickey led a group to see the Passion Play. Gary and about 8 from our group stayed at the hotel where you were. I really miss the Belgian fries place that used to be on Garden in SLO and all the sauces they had 😞!

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